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We are a web site center for parents and future teen drivers. The web site provides information and resources on everything about teen driving. DriveHomeSafe.com tries hardest to be up to date and thorough. We want visitors and customers to access the best safety information and solutions on teen driving available on the World Wide Web. 

The mission statement of DriveHomeSafe.com

“Provide to our visitors, customers and strategic service partners, quality service that is appropriate, timely and useful”.

The Co-Founders of DriveHomeSafe.com

The organization was co-founded by James and Felisa Winfield. Confronted with the challenge of training two teenage sons to drive, they realized more had to be done to help parents. Together, they are the energy  and inspiration behind the web site’s existence and purpose. Their brain child now services almost 200,000 parents and teenagers yearly.

James B. Winfield
Co-Founder, President & CEO

James Winfield’s education and degree is Community Development and Public Administration. His professional background is marketing and executive management.

After graduating college, James held executive and marketing management positions with a nationally prominent not-for-profit health care organization in the field of cancer research. From there he took his talents to the for-profit arena and focused his career in health maintenance. After cutting his teeth a few years with Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) in marketing, administration and management, James created and founded a physician management consultant firm. Riding the wave of health care reform, he formed a partnership with physicians and business leaders in Arizona to create a leading health care management company. As a managing partner, James served as the company’s Executive Vice President. He  eventually assumed the duties of President/CEO. 

Today, James devotes his energy and talent to the growth and development of Feljas, LLC, which is a marketing, investment and business development enterprise launched May, 2000. Originally from New York City, James now lives in Oregon.

Felisa C. Winfield
Co-Founder & Vice President

Originally from Tampa, Florida, Felisa’s education and degree is Business Administration and Marketing from the University of South Florida. Her professional background is Underwriting – Property and Casualty Insurance.

Upon receiving her business degree, Felisa’s initial career pursuit was in corporate management with a large retail multi-national. Her talents were committed to the company’s group department store retail division. Shortly after, Felisa re-directed her career objectives to the insurance and securities industry. She is professionally certified in financial planning and a chartered property and casualty underwriter. 

Due to Felisa’s primary career responsibilities and duties outside DriveHomeSafe.com, her expertise, influence and impact with DHS extends, primarily, to the work of our board of directors.

Legal Description of DriveHomeSafe.com

DriveHomeSafe.com is a dba of Feljas, LLC. Registered in the state of Oregon, DriveHomeSafe.com launched May 15, 2000. 

Drive Home Safe.com
Phoenix, Arizona

 Contact: James Winfield
DriveHomeSafe.com is a dba of Feljas, LLC) 
Telephone: (623) 256-4542 
Email Address is: support@drivehomesafe.com