Letting Kids Drive Alone (Are They Ready to Drive Alone?)

If your teenage driver has lived up to the responsibilities agreed upon months ago, use this checklist to determine if they’re ready to drive solo: Is your son or daughter paying attention? Are they driving or just steering the car? Do they still look for controls or can they turn on the headlights without looking … Read more

Teenage Driving: what does it REALLY cost?

Putting a teenager on the road is more expensive that you probably realize. Along with the cost of a car, gasoline and upkeep, consider these facts: Insurance rates for teenage drivers are always higher than for other drivers because they pose a higher risk for vehicle crashes. Adding a teenager to the insurance policy means … Read more

Safe Driving for Teens

Teenagers face a different reality than the rest of us the instant they get behind the wheel: car crashes are the number one cause of death among their peers. If you’re a young driver you can decrease the risk by limiting your night driving and observing speed limits. There are many such safe driving strategies. … Read more