What to look for when choosing a quality Car Repair Facility?

This month we would like to discuss what to look for when choosing a repair facility. Today’s cars are more complicated than they were ten years ago, and cost more not only to own but also to maintain. With this in mind wouldn’t you feel more comfortable and secure taking your vehicle to a quality repair facility that will treat you as a person and address your needs in a professional manner?

Here are some things that we recommend you look for when choosing a repair facility. Are they members of the Better Business Bureau? Are their technicians ASE certified? Are they an AAA approved facility? Ask around. Friends and family are a great way to find a good shop for repairs.

Studies have shown that the best advertising is word of mouth. Friends and family are the best source because these are people you trust and are usually genuine and unbiased. They make recommendations based upon their experience and not hear-say. Another thing to look for in a repair facility is the warranty. Something that is new to the automotive industry are NAPA Auto Care Facilities. These facilities, along with AAA, have to meet extensive and strict requirements, such as cleanliness, services offered and customer satisfaction.

They are also inspected on a yearly basis. These types of shops offer quality repairs and warranties and in most cases offer a nationwide warranty. Some other things to keep in mind are that cheaper is not always better. Be leery of repair facilities that say they are never wrong, we all know mistakes will happen and it would be nice to know that you can trust your repair shop to make it right if something does go wrong.

Also remember that over the phone estimates are just that estimates. It is impossible to give accurate estimate on repairs unless the vehicle is thoroughly inspected. Some shops will give you an estimate just to get you in the door and then when they call you the price changes and it is usually more that the original estimate.

When you take your vehicle in to be worked on it is important that the service writer ask as many questions as possible to narrow down the problem so the technician doesn’t go to the wrong area and waste your money and his time. So when taking your vehicle to a repair shop, be clear on what is happening – it will save you money.

Also take your vehicle to a shop that is affiliated with name brands such as NAPA, and ACDelco. These have nation-wide warranties, so it gives you comfort. People whom are willing to do what it takes also own these shops. Take it to the same shop and get to know the people and they will know your car and take good care of you. Build that relationship – it will pay off in the long run. If you do have problems, since you are a good long-term customer they will be more willing to help knowing you have been loyal to them. Other good things to look for is Better Business Bureau and AAA Motor Club. These guys make sure you are a good company and will even arbitrate on your behalf. They don’t just let anyone join. They require certain standards and principles.

Remember that your vehicle is an investment. You don’t want to take your vehicle just anywhere do you? Check around before you commit and if you are satisfied with the service you receive then stick with that shop. If they are good, take care of you and are genuinely honest you will feel more confident and secure on the road. You will also be building a lasting relationship that will keep you on the road, safe and sound.

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