Venturi Eclectic, an electrical city-dweller

Production will begin in October 2009 in a brand new plant based in France near the city of Sables-sur-Sarthe. The plant, which will meet the environmental criteria further, will eventually assemble up to 3,000 light vehicles per year.

Soaring gas prices, economic crises, wars, omnipresent pollution, irreversible changes in the climate… Our world is going through a period when the stakes in terms of energy form the very basis for worldwide chaos. While admitting that no solution for energy production can be perfect, we must become fully aware of the imperative need to limit our own personal consumption of energy.

Eclectic, the first solar and electric autonomous car in the history of the automobile, opens up a new era in the field of mobility : reserved for daily driving in urban areas, its low energy consumption makes it the most economical environmental vehicle ever built.

Innovative and astonishing, Eclectic is much more than a simple electric vehicle ; it is a production and storage plant for renewable energies, either solar or wind based. Charging of these energies, which is intermittent in certain regions, can also be complemented by electrical recharging.

Like the presentation of Fetish at the time, Eclectic surprised, is also smiling, before becoming a real icon. Sacred best innovation of the year after the Iphone by Time Magazine in the United States, the Venturi Eclectic concept is the first autonomous vehicle in the history of the automobile.

Given the considerable interest shown by the public on this model Venturi has adapted to mass production. More compact, lighter, Eclectic has become a real city, ready for the important challenges ahead.

But so far, Eclectic will keep the same philosophy: it is more than just a vehicle. Real power production and storage of renewable energy, either solar or wind, it also recharges any seizure of power grid through its board charger.

“Under its small air-mobile futuristic robot lies the first autonomous vehicle urban energy.” Sacha Lakic said the designer Eclectic.
“This enables Eclectic to move around, free and in unlimited quantity. He just needs to deploy its wind, photovoltaic cells move and if necessary, to find a single outlet.

Eclectic is a customized   stylish car. Eclectic takes its unique approach to design, shape. compact, smiling and looking strong.

Its cockpit is unique: it is central to the carrier. The feeling of security and control of external proportions of the vehicle are obvious.
The elevated seating position allows the three occupants of Eclectic to have a high and overlooking the environment around them. “

Eclectic comes in several models from 15 000 €, batteries included (excluding state aid):
– 1 place for use of delivery vehicle;
– 3 tickets for use of personal vehicle or fleet;
– 5 seats for the transport of people and sites on private roads.

The platform behind Eclectic adapts to the needs of the most extensive in terms of transporting people and goods (up to 1 m3 and 150 kg).

The elevated position of the seats makes it possible to the three occupants of Eclectic to have a high and panoramic vision on the environment which surrounds them.”

Eclectic answers in a general-purpose way the increasing demand of vehicles to “zero emission” which can be segmented in 6 distinct targets:

– Individuals for their daily;
– Young people who can lead from 16 years;
– Professionals as a vehicle;
– Industrial parks, amusement parks, resorts hoteliers closed circuit;
– The fleets of companies.
– Communities and fleets of vehicles.

The marketing of Eclectic began with like first targets the fleets of vehicles. It is in addition possible as of now for the private individuals and the professionals to hold their vehicle.

In options:
– Lithium batteries pack 7 kWh;
– Solar Roof 70 W.

In accessories:
– 300 W wind;
– Side doors;
– Rear seat bi-place;
– Trunk.


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