What does “ASE Certified” mean?

ASE stands for National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. It is a very comprehensive means of testing technicians in the areas of automotive and truck repair, collision repairing and refinishing, engine machinists, and parts specialists. The testing is voluntary and certification has been accepted as the benchmark for competency on the job, and started back in 1972. Most employers seek ASE certification on a resume.

Where do the tests come from?

Every 2 to 2 1/2 years, the tests are updated and re-written by a panel of industry experts. I was honored to have been one of them last week, and sat on the panel with 13 other experts from the industry. New questions are written, discussed, adjusted, corrected, discussed some more, until an accurate set of questions and answers are completed. These are real world, on the job skill questions, that are very representative of a technician’s knowledge of specific tasks. Writing accurate test questions sounds easy, but nothing could be further from the truth!

Once certified, always certified?

Certification is not for life. To remain certified, technicians must be re-tested every five years, and approximately one out of three test-takers fail. Technicians that pass all of the exams in a specialty area earn ASE Master Technician status; automobile technicians, for example, must pass a total of eight exams.

Next time you see a technician wearing the blue ASE patch, appreciate how much goes into getting that certification and patch on that uniform. There is a deep commitment on behalf of the technician and ASE, to provide you and your vehicle the best service possible.

Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) website: http://www.ase.com/

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