When Did Drunk Driving Become Illegal

The first laws against drunk driving in the United States were passed in 1910 in New York. Many other states soon followed New York in setting up laws against operating motor vehicles while under the influence of alcohol. For many years after 1910, these laws were very general law without clear definitions as to what … Read more

How to Check My Driving Record

Many countries keep a record of their license holders’ driving history. As a driver, it would be helpful to keep a regular check of your driving record. This will keep you informed of any fines or suspension of driving privileges that have been charged on you. It will also help you correct any misinformation on … Read more

Hand Signaling While Driving

Hand signals are an alternative to using your turn signals when your turn signals are not operable. This may happen for instance when a turn signal bulb has burnt out or a fuse has blown. A hand and arm or directional signal of intention to turn or move a vehicle right or left must be … Read more