The Best Online Driving Traffic Schools in 2021

Learning how to drive is a remarkable and exciting thing. But the ability to drive a car also comes with a variety of responsibilities that you may have been informed about when you started learning, but may not have understood the weight of at the time.

Folks, allow me to let you into a sobering reality of adulthood. There is independence here, but there are also jobs, house loans, insurance premiums and other daunting things. Your record at the DMV is an important public record that must remain clean for a host of reasons. A potential employer will look into these records while conducting a background check and your driving record also becomes the basis on which the premium for your automobile insurance is decided. If you have a poor driving record, your insurance will automatically become more expensive.

With online driving ed schools, you will be able to improve your points at the DMV and can also make up for any tickets you may have got as a traffic violation. What’s more, these schools also offer courses online! The following are some of the best online driving traffic schools.

DriversEd is one of the best online driving traffic schools that young people can consider. I have picked this place out as the best among the names I am about to present, so let me start by describing what the platform has to offer.

The school covers all the important regulations and the various differences in rules from state to state. In other words, no matter what state you reside in, the platform will give you a customized lesson on driving in that state.

The platform is easy to use. The home page will give you the option of selecting the state you want to learn driving in and the course you want to take. There are four options for courses—Drivers Ed for Teens (different age groups for different states), Drivers Ed for Adults (18+) and Online Traffic School.

Depending on the state you are in, the cost of the course and the requirements will differ. In Florida, for instance, the 8-hour Traffic School costs $59. In Indiana, the course costs $45 and is flexible with time. You can also opt for behind-the-wheel training in Texas, Georgia and California.

I find the services and courses offered on this platform to be especially useful and efficient because they cover the bases for different states. The specifications for different regions are different, so you can get a custom education for your state.

Aceable is the second place I want to name on this list. It is another great place to consider if you are looking for online driving traffic schools. However, the service is state approved only in a select few places such as Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Illinois, Ohio, Oklahoma, California and Texas. 

Depending on which state you are in, the prices of the course may differ. For instance, in Pennsylvania, the Driver’s Ed course costs $107 (unless there is a discount being offered), which has a flexible time frame. In Texas, there are a few different options—Adult Driver’s Ed ($68), Parent Taught Driver’s Ed ($115), Instructor Taught Driver’s Ed ($134) and Instructor Taught & Behind the Wheel ($600).

What I like about this platform and I suspect the younger lot will appreciate it as well, is how well the courses work on smartphones and personal computers. You can simply download the course app on your phone and go through the contents on the commute back from school, while waiting for a friend to arrive for coffee, while waiting in line at the movies, etc. The material is always in your pocket.

The content is interactive and I have found it to be more engaging than most other places. The platform also offered unlimited free test preps so you can prepare as much as you feel you need to before your state exam.

I think this is a great place for those who are applying for a license the first time or are getting acquainted with driving for the first time, especially young people. The process of learning can be quite daunting and the test sounds like too much pressure at first. So the unlimited free tests are a good way to gain confidence.

Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School is another great place to consider as an online traffic school. However, the school’s courses are state approved only in a few places, such as Nevada, Kentucky, Indiana, Florida and California.

Depending on the state that you want to learn in, the prices will differ as the requirement for each state may be different. So, for instance, a traffic school in California costs $34.95. In California, the platform also allows you to complete the course within 30 minutes and files your certificate with the local DMV on your behalf.

Meanwhile, in Kentucky, the traffic school fee is $39. Here too you can get your certificate in 30 minutes and can also enjoy 24/7 customer support in the United States.

But you may be wondering about the name of this traffic school. Well, folks, this is my favorite part! Quite literally, the school is called Improv because it believes in education through humor and interaction. You will get a comedy routine out of your traffic school classes, making it easier for you to learn.

Once you have completed the course, you can also enjoy free improv shows sponsored by the traffic school. I found this a unique and fun way to learn and think this would be an attractive format for young people.

Personally, I have always found it easier to pick up new knowledge if the content is conveyed to me in an attractive and humorous package. It is also a reminder that it is just a test and you don’t need to stress about it so much.


Finally, iDriveSafely is another name that I would like to include in this list. This is also a platform that offers interactive and accessible courses so you can learn the right and relevant rules for your specific state of residence.

The courses offered by the school are state approved in Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Indiana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Georgia. Again, like the other places mentioned above, the prices for the courses will differ depending on the state.

The courses can be quite attractively priced in some states. For example, in California, it’s priced at $19.95 with a free trial. Meanwhile, the Defensive Driving course in New York costs $24.95.

You get a free certificate upon completion of your course and the platform will an electronic report to your local DMV. This is a good option to consider because the prices for most states are not too high and the service will also register you with the DMV upon completion of the course.

You can also take courses in defensive driving, driver improvement and traffic school for tickets in several states. The platform encourages safe driving (as any traffic school does) but also displays what it believes in by how the courses are packaged.

About Online Driving Traffic Schools

You may be curious about online driving traffic schools as a concept and understandably so. After all, driving is not an activity you can do virtually. It will not be a simulation like in a video game but will be a real-life car, on a real-life road, navigating real-life traffic.

However, to be clear, an online driving traffic school is not where you will learn how to drive. These schools presume that you already know how to drive or have recently learned how to drive. What the school does do is give you opportunities to improve your driving record and prevent negative points from being added to your DMV record. The following is a brief guide to online driving traffic schools:

How Do They Work?

From what I have described right above and the four online schools I have listed above, you may have got a general idea of how these schools work. The first step is to find a school that fits your requirements and knows the specifics of your state.

Once you have found such a school, you will be presented with different options for courses. Depending on the school, you will likely have options for courses such as Driver’s Ed, Online Traffic School, Defensive Driving, etc. All these courses will be priced differently in different states.

You should be able to download the course on your smartphone in some cases, in others you will need a desktop. The idea is to complete the tasks set out by the course and complete it. At the end of the course, you will get a certificate (free in most schools) and the school will then automatically notify the DMV about the completion of this course.

The hours you have put in will count against prior driving violations or will increase your points in the DMV system if you do not have any violations. This is useful to maintain a clean record, making you more employable, improving your eligibility for good insurance premiums and generally keeping your record clean.


The requirements for each traffic school will be different. The variations may also occur from state to state. The basic requirement of any online driving traffic schools is fee payment and then completion of whatever tasks the school sets.

However, some states have very specific rules to make you eligible to enroll in traffic school. If you are considering an online traffic school to make up for a ticket, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You were driving a non-commercial vehicle when you got the ticket.
  • You were issued a ticket for a moving violation.
  • You had a valid license (noncommercial) when you were issued the ticket.

However, even if you meet these basic requirements, there are some factors that could disqualify you from enrolling in an online driving traffic school. These include:

  • Speeding Violation: Most states take speeding violations to be a more severe offense and do not allow an improvement by going to traffic school.
  • Recent Traffic School Completion: This rule differs for different states, but there is a window within which you cannot enroll in traffic school again if you have just finished a course.
  • Mandatory Court Appearance: If the ticket comes along with a call for a mandatory court appearance, you will not be eligible for traffic school. For example, if you get a DUI (driving under influence) or any other offense where someone could get hurt, the ticket will come with a mandatory court appearance.

Time Frame

The time frame for online driving schools will differ based on which school you are enrolled in, what course you are taking and what state you are in. Several online traffic schools do not set a time frame and allow you to complete the course on your own time.

These are usually also schools that have downloadable course material, in some cases even an app and offer 24/7 customer support. This is the good thing about an online traffic school because you can take the course after work on weekdays or on the weekends as well.

In some cases, there may be a time frame such as 4 hours, 12 hours, etc. It is up to you, however, if you want to finish the course off sooner and get your certificate.


Online traffic schools have gained popularity in the last decade or so. The following are some of the pros and benefits of an online traffic school:

  • An online driving school is an extremely convenient option. You do not need to go into any physical center or school and can complete the course from the comfort of your home. This also means you do not need to worry about getting dressed on a weekend or on a tiring day after school or work.
  • At the end of the course, most schools will notify your local DMV of your credits automatically. This is a huge pro because you do not need to engage with any queues or red tapism to have your record updated. Anybody who has spent the whole day standing in line at the DMV will know what a glorious bonus this is.
  • Since you are taking the course online, you will also end up saving money. The only cost is the fees. Other than that, you will not have to spend money on transport since you will be taking the course from home.
  • Since most courses are flexible in terms of a time frame, you can complete the coursework whenever it is possible for you. You do not need to skip class or work to attend the course. You can finish your tasks after your responsibilities for the day or take a weekend out to finish the course.
  • Most online driving traffic schools will give you information and course material that is specific to the state in which you will be driving. You may have learned how to drive from a parent or from a driving school instructor, but that training may not always be complete in specifications of the state’s rules. A driving traffic school will go over all these rules for your state, no matter how obscure they are.


I’ve been around long enough to have seen both, the physical traffic schools as well as the online traffic school. The only possible drawbacks I can think of for an online driving traffic school are the following few:

  • You may miss a proper classroom interaction. Often there is no on-to-one interaction with the instructor and you will not meet other students. Classroom discussions can bring to light new information and also clear some of your own doubts.
  • Sometimes you may complete an entire course only to find that the school is not DMV certified or court approved. These will not be things that the school will advertise, as that would mean losing business. It is, therefore, important to do a thorough research while picking out a school.

The Final Word

From the information I have gathered for you above, I hope I have made it abundantly clear what an online driving traffic school is good for. While growing up, learning how to drive was one of the things I looked forward to the most.

But it is only after learning how to drive and taking the car out on the roads did I realize the kind of serious responsibility I had to drive well and keep my DMV record clean. When you apply for a loan or are looking for a job, your driving record is a public statement that could make you ineligible for several things.

While it may seem like I am trying to scare you by saying these things, believe me when I say that is not the intention. In fact, what I am trying to convey is that an online driving traffic school is one of the best ways to improve your driving record, should the need arise.

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