Must Have items In case of a Car Breakdown

Driving along, you think you can squeeze by another couple of miles on empty or, you just haven’t seen a gas station in miles. Even worse, your car just dies. Try as you may to restart, the inevitable conclusion looms overhead: you’re stranded. This is never a fun situation, but if you are prepared, you … Read more

Buying a Used Car: How Not To Get Burned

Next to your home, a car is probably the most expensive pre-owned purchase you will ever make. There’s a good reason finance companies ask you to perform a pre-purchase inspection on a home: a lot of secrets can hide behind new paint and shingles. The same is true of a used car; a lot of … Read more

Dealing With Car Battery Issues

To be honest there are so many things that could be causing your batter issues. It could be fuel related, engine electrical, transmission, or even just a simple tune item. Its summer time. Time for traveling to the mountains, camping, fishing, going to visit relatives, going to grandma’s house. I remember driving to my relative’s … Read more

Why should I fill my tires with Nitrogen?

Nitrogen (N2) makes up the majority of the air that we breathe and is colorless, tasteless, and non-toxic. The next most common component of air is oxygen (O2). Together N2 and O2 make up approximately 99% of the air we breathe and traditionally fill tires with. N2 is a larger molecule than O2. Therefore, it … Read more

Winterizing Your Vehicle

The winter months are hard on your vehicle. Cold temperatures can affect its operation, while dirt and road-salt residue can cause problems with its physical condition. However, there are some simple checks and maintenance items you can do that will help your vehicle stay in top condition. Cold temperatures make it harder for an engine … Read more

Teaching Your Teen How to Drive

Too often, kids get a learners permit and never get to drive. Start your young driver in the neighborhood, in parking lots or other low traffic areas. After several weeks, let them drive in more traffic. Don’t expect too much at first, but don’t lower standards. Remember, what your children know about driving they have … Read more

Letting Kids Drive Alone (Are They Ready to Drive Alone?)

If your teenage driver has lived up to the responsibilities agreed upon months ago, use this checklist to determine if they’re ready to drive solo: Is your son or daughter paying attention? Are they driving or just steering the car? Do they still look for controls or can they turn on the headlights without looking … Read more

Safe Driving for Teens

Teenagers face a different reality than the rest of us the instant they get behind the wheel: car crashes are the number one cause of death among their peers. If you’re a young driver you can decrease the risk by limiting your night driving and observing speed limits. There are many such safe driving strategies. … Read more