Hand Signaling While Driving

Hand signals are an alternative to using your turn signals when your turn signals are not operable. This may happen for instance when a turn signal bulb has burnt out or a fuse has blown. How Should You Hand Signal? A hand and arm or directional signal of intention to turn or move a vehicle … Read more

What Does Rice Burner, Rice Car, or Ricer Car Mean?

Rice burner is a slang term used to describe Asian-made (typically Japanese) cars and motorcycles. Many variations of the term have also been used, such as rice rocket for Japanese sport bikes. Term Usage More contemporary use of the term rice burner, along with the prefix “rice”, has taken on an alternate pejorative meaning. In … Read more

Teen Driving & Fatality Statistics

14% of all deaths due to motor vehicle accidents are teen drivers. Most teen driver deaths due to motor vehicle accidents occur on weekends 53% of the time. Teen drivers killed in motor vehicle accidents had a youth passenger in automobile 45% of the time. More facts below. Of teen drivers fatally injured in automobiles, … Read more

How Parents Can Stop Their Teen Drivers From Speeding?

A teen driver drives an automobile swiftly pass you. You’re surprised how fast, and recklessly the automobile was speeding. Though the automobile that just passed you wasn’t going 100 miles per hour, its speed was definitely inappropriate. Worse, what happened didn’t occur on a freeway, it took place on a city street. Like most adults … Read more

Which engine oil to choose and how frequent change?

At a drain, the choice between different types of oil puzzled! How to choose? What are the criteria to be taken into account? Little reminder Your engine to run properly must be permanently lubricated, the role of engine oil. This has Lubricating main objectives are to reduce friction between moving parts and thus limit the … Read more

Gasoline vs. diesel engine which one to choose?

Diesel fuel is priced moderately higher than gasoline but diesel has a higher energy density, i.e. more energy can be extracted from diesel as compared with the same volume of gasoline. Therefore, diesel engines in automobiles provide higher mileage, making it an obvious choice for heavy-duty transportation and equipment. Diesel is heavier and oilier compared … Read more

Some Anti-Lock (ABS) Brake basics

How do I know whether my vehicle has ABS? 1) Read your owner’s manual.2) Check your instrument panel for an amber ABS indicator light after you turn on the ignition.3) When you buy, lease or rent, ask your dealer or rental car company or your service technician. How do I know if the ABS system … Read more

Understanding Auto Insurance – Factors that Affect Premiums

Automobile insurance is meant to protect you against catastrophic losses, such as a major accident or the theft of a new car. But you should not overpay for more than you need. However, you should not expose yourself to large financial risks. While it’s common to carry liability coverage up to $300,000 per accident, that’s … Read more

Must Have items In case of a Car Breakdown

Driving along, you think you can squeeze by another couple of miles on empty or, you just haven’t seen a gas station in miles. Even worse, your car just dies. Try as you may to restart, the inevitable conclusion looms overhead: you’re stranded. This is never a fun situation, but if you are prepared, you … Read more

Buying a Used Car: How Not To Get Burned

Next to your home, a car is probably the most expensive pre-owned purchase you will ever make. There’s a good reason finance companies ask you to perform a pre-purchase inspection on a home: a lot of secrets can hide behind new paint and shingles. The same is true of a used car; a lot of … Read more