What does “ASE Certified” mean?

ASE stands for National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. It is a very comprehensive means of testing technicians in the areas of automotive and truck repair, collision repairing and refinishing, engine machinists, and parts specialists. The testing is voluntary and certification has been accepted as the benchmark for competency on the job, and started back … Read more What does “ASE Certified” mean?

The BMBF supports research on producing ethanol cyanobacteria

Teen Driver - Adjusting Mirror

Over the next three years, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) will support of nearly one million euros, research on the production of bioethanol with cyanobacteria, led by the Institute of Biology at the Humboldt University (Berlin). The ethanol is already widespread in many countries from plant biomass to be used, for example, … Read more The BMBF supports research on producing ethanol cyanobacteria

What does Rice burner, Rice car or Ricer Car means?

Rice burner (Rice car; Ricer Car) is a pejorative used initially to describe Asian-made – specifically Japanese-made – motorcycles and automobiles. Many variations have also been used, such as rice rocket for Japanese sport bikes. More contemporary use of the term rice burner, along with the prefix rice, has taken on an alternate pejorative meaning … Read more What does Rice burner, Rice car or Ricer Car means?

Parent Advice: Dealing With Teen Drivers

Teen driving is an important hurdle your teenager needs to safely step over. Dealing with the growing pains of your teen driver’s adolescence is a hurdle you have to wisely handle. How do you manage both without going crazy? Drive Home Safe.com’s articles and customized links provide you advice and answers today’s parents need. You’re a Parent On … Read more Parent Advice: Dealing With Teen Drivers

Venturi Eclectic, an electrical city-dweller

Production will begin in October 2009 in a brand new plant based in France near the city of Sables-sur-Sarthe. The plant, which will meet the environmental criteria further, will eventually assemble up to 3,000 light vehicles per year. Soaring gas prices, economic crises, wars, omnipresent pollution, irreversible changes in the climate… Our world is going … Read more Venturi Eclectic, an electrical city-dweller

BMW Ecological Factory

Advanced Technology for BMW X3 production: hydrogen filling material handling equipment BMW Manufacturing Co.. announced implementation of a new alternative platforms to use hydrogen fuel cells to power material handling equipment from its factory in Spartanburg. Fork lifts, hoists and forklifts powered by hydrogen fuel cells will be used to the new BMW assembly hall, … Read more BMW Ecological Factory