7 Ways to Maximize Tire Traction (The Friction Circle)

wide tires

Tire traction is critical for maintaining control over your vehicle. Did you know that the amount of traction available can change based on the weight transfer of your vehicle? Understanding proper weight transfer can mean the difference between negotiating a turn and sliding off the road. Here is a quick introduction into the fundamental driving … Read more

7 Tips to Stop Your Car From Overheating

overheated car

Overheating your car is not a good thing. Not only can overheating cause more expensive engine damage, your car could quit working altogether and leave you stranded. How Does the Cooling System Work? Modern vehicles are equipped with water cooling. This means water or coolant (also called antifreeze) is circulated through the engine as the engine … Read more

What is Hydroplaning? (3 Tips to Avoid and Correct It)

Hydroplaning (also called “aquaplaning”) is a condition where the tires can’t displace water on the road fast enough. When excess water builds up under the tire, the tire lifts off of the road’s surface, compromising your ability to steer the vehicle. As the seasons change and the weather gets worse, the odds of hydroplaning on a … Read more

3 Reasons You Need to Check Your Tire Pressures ASAP

truck tire

Your tires are some of the most important components on your vehicle. They are the only points of contact between your vehicle and the ground. How much grip your vehicle has will depend on the type of tire you have, the road conditions, and how well your tires are maintained. Have you checked your tire … Read more

4 Reasons You Should Honk Your Horn (And 4 Reasons Not To)

horn button

If you’ve ever been to a major city, you know how people can be pretty generous with their horn. Sometimes people honk because they’re bored, angry, or because they want to get another driver’s attention. Reasons For Honking Honking can be a major distraction when used incorrectly, but it could save someone’s life. All vehicles … Read more