When Did Drunk Driving Become Illegal

The first laws against drunk driving in the United States were passed in 1910 in New York. Many other states soon followed New York in setting up laws against operating motor vehicles while under the influence of alcohol. For many years after 1910, these laws were very general law without clear definitions as to what … Read more

How Long Can a Car Sit without Driving

Right off the bat, let’s get it out of the way that there are so many reasons for a car to sit. They were not made with that intention but it happens. And all of us at one point or another have worried about the battery dying or the engine getting too cold and whatnot. … Read more

Is Driving an RV Hard?

If you’re thinking of purchasing an RV or have just bought one, then your biggest concern probably is how you’re going to drive the RV and whether it’s going to be hard or easy to drive one. Well, RVs are not very difficult to drive; however, its size can affect the driveability of the RV. … Read more